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MasterCraft builds unique custom ghost boxes, spirit boxes, and ITC devices. MasterCraft has over 25 years electronics experience, based in theory and practical application of electronic circuit design. The circuits are all engineered and handwired in the USA using high quality electronic components and materials.  Each ghostbox is based around a core unit, and the circuit is designed, based on the desired function. MasterCraft does not use prefabricated kit based sweep circuits.

As the proprietor of MasterCraft, William Pimblott has had a life long involvement in the paranormal starting at a very young age. Witnessing countless personal paranormal activities and events has led him down the path of paranormal research, instrumental trans-communication, and device theory functionality.

William D. Pimblott was born May 21st 1981 at Independence Regional Hospital and Sanitarium, in Independence Missouri.
A medium sized town in the heart of the continental United States, that is most commonly known as the starting point in the
classic MECC game "Oregon Trail".
After living a short stint in a very rural part of the state, his mother found work back in their hometown.
The two moved into a modest two bedroom house not far from the historic square of downtown Independence.
The house would prove to set the precident and basis for William's interest in paranormal activity and a future in Instrumental Transcommunication.

At about ten years old, William's grandparents gifted to him an electronics "experimenter's lab" for Christmas.
After many circuit builds full of beeps, bloops, AM radio transmitters and various blinking lights, these experiments set the stage for an
early interest in electronics design and engineering, schematic reading, and an early appreciation for analog wave synthesis.

As William entered into the adolescent phase of his life, the magnitude of paranormal activity surrounding the family household increased greatly.
The noisy ghost had gotten noisier and more aggressive, resulting in a wide range of physical manifestations. The symptoms seemed to have gone
from typical haunting to aligning perfectly with textbook poltergeist phenomenon.

Out of sheer curiosity, William began his transcommunication like alot of curious teenagers, with his homemade "ouija" style talking spirit board.
For three years, countless sessions were conducted with a close female friend. Constant contact was made with one specific entity during this period.
While most of the information knowingly at the time was false, a few predictive answers given by the entity have turned out to be extremely accurate.

During this period of exploratory discovery in all things paranormal, William took it upon himself to read numerous books on the matter, including occult
philosophy, metaphysics, and various other titles which could be generically categorized as "new age". Being that there was a small occult bookstore on the
route home from school, William spent a good deal of time after hours discussing various subject matters with the proprietors of the establishment.

William spent two years studying electronics theory and application as well as advanced electronics including digital logic gates and boolean algebra,
while under the supervision of his high school's technology department.
As an electronics student, each student was expected once a year to enter into the state-wide technology competition. William won a handful of awards
including a 1st place regional, grand prize regional, and a 1st place at the state level for the building of a primitive digital IC voice recorder, and an
audio spectrum analyzer. William also scored within the top 96th percentile for the state's electronics aptitude exam.

While digging through a stack of back issues of Popular Electronics magazines in class, William discovered the infamous issue from October 1995 titled
"Ghost Voices". This was William's first introduction to electronic methods of Instrumental Transcommunication outside of the traditional raw EVP method.
In a dishonest way of procuring the title, William took the magazine home for deeper analysis of the content.

In the late 90's and early 2000's when internet access became mainstream, William started running across many of the websites that were fore-bearers in
the field of modern spiritualism revival and ITC. This proved to be an immeasurable asset in regards to previously unattainable information on early ITC
experiments and researchers. In the mid 2000's William had stumbled across the ITC Bridge forum. While not taking part as a member of the forum, the website
was frequented many times during online research. Some time later William joined the forum and eventually became a moderator for the site.

Late one evening while listening to a nationally syndicated radio show titled Coast to Coast AM, a segment caught William's attention. It featured
a mysterious invention made out of a radio that would talk to the user, answer the user's questions, and could learn to repeat the user's name.
The invention was named the "Frank's box", named after the inventor Frank Sumption. These devices have come to be known as "ghost boxes".
As time went on and Frank made his schematics and technical data
available for all to use, William took it upon himself to try and recreate how the device worked.

William continues to build these and other devices for personal use, and occasionally will build one for ghostbox enthusiasts to fund his personal research efforts.
He also builds various other signal processing devices such as delay and reverberation effect modules for use in ITC experiments and other auditory endeavors.
William is a classically trained musician, starting at a young age he was engaged in private instruction of the violin. Over the years he has taught
himself to play multiple stringed instruments, percussion, and is deeply involved in wave synthesis. As a semi-professional musician he has played
in multiple acts over the years and has a vast amount of hands on experience in sound reinforcement, recording, and sound engineering.

In 2006 William co founded Apnea Research Laboratories, an experimental auditory group aimed at creating and discovering the effects of psycho-acoustic
phenomenon on the human mind and the environmental anomalies caused by the emotional and the psycho-kinetic discharges of the processes thereof.
The project has carried on through Obsidian Towers, a more artistic incarnation utilizing multitudes of wave synthesis to create environmental
ambient soundscapes.

William currently works as an electronics repair technician for one of the largest music gear distributors on the planet. He specializes in
vacuum tube and solid state amplification, effects and signal processors, professional sound reinforcement systems, and recording gear. He has multiple
certifications from various manufacturers.

William is the father of two intellectually gifted children, has a deep love of animals, and is married to a wonderful woman who, even though she
does not always understand his eccentric thought processes and habits, is always supportive of his endeavors.




All radio based ghost boxes are for sale by commision only. Prices are reflected by intricacy. Petitioner may be asked to supply funds for the core unit.

Paranormal investigation and consultation is provided free of charge. All services may be turned down with out explanation.

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