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From time to time, depending on personal project developments, MasterCraft will enlist in commisioned work to aid in the personal efforts to develop further exploration into the psycho-nautical realm of human consciousness, and the potential for consciousness'survival outside of the living body.

Organizations and individuals who use MasterCraft Ghostboxes

Supernatural Inc.

Various MasterCraft Ghostboxes

ITC Voices.Org / Paranormal Study

Tim Woolworth- Olivia AM Ghostbox

Andre Wullaert- WP-VB-5-062715 TV SWEEP BOX

Jim Pfister- WP-VB8-10-6-15 5" CRT TV Sweep Ghost Box Lantern

Ed Viera- Baby Ganster III Ouija

David Caltrider- WP-VB6-72215 5" B&W CRT TV SWEEPER GHOST BOX, CS-1, CS-2

Wes King- Baby Gangster II

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