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ITC Resources

For those who are new to ITC, or just want to learn more. Here are a few links to some friends who may be able to explain the field in a more complex depth.

At iDigitalMedium you can browse articles, information, and ideas, written by Keith Clark and Ron Ruiz. Two of the most educated and knowledgeable people in the field. An extensive library of videos and articles regarding the history of ITC, news, and live streams of real time experiments in progress. A new incarnation of the ITC Bridge Forum.

ITC Voices is a website, ran by Tim Woolworth. Another very knowledgeable and influencial person in the ITC field. Here you will also find information on the history of ITC, news, and other various articles. Tim's website also features information pertaining specifically to Ghostboxes, history, types, and the use thereof.

A searchable database, by state, of current and defunct paranormal teams, societies, and individuals.

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