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The term comes from psi ('psyche') and the -onics from electronics

Psionics can be shortly defined as paranormal phenomena in relation to the application of electronics..

The use of electronics has either caused, or has correlated with a paranormal event.

For skeptics, the go to explanation for any such instance would be to immediatly divert into the idea:

"Your mind's playing tricks on you."

A biological brain hiccup, that causes the witness to have a mild hallucination, resulting in the symptom of the subject believing the event that has transpired, was of supernatural origin.

Simple enough, Fine.

So, What types of various electronic equipment could cause a "paranormal" event?

The effects of electromagnetic radiation has been documented to prove, that certain levels of "EMF" for prolonged

periods of time can cause mild hullucinations, and it is commonly looked for as evidence to disprove the original claims

of the event.

Basic K2 meter, used to detect electromagnetic fields.

In other ways, the mind can be "tricked" into synchronizing it's brainwaves with external stimulation.

This phenomenon is called: Brainwave entrainment.

This can be done both visually and with auditory means.

Imagine now, the old hypnotist, with his pocket watch, pendelum swinging, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.

Being slowly pulled in by it's rhythm, and falling deep under his spell. His voice guides you as deep relaxation sets in.

This effect can be recreated by electronic means. Many of the self help hypnosis programs being sold, often include a super rad set of Ray-Bans with blinking lights installed. The rapid flashing will cause a strobing effect of the desired frequency of entrainment.

The auditory function of entrainment can be achieved through a binaural set of beat frequencies, the listener is played two different tones in a set of headphones. This results in the listener hearing a deductive third separate distinct tone.

An auditory "optical illusion".

If the stimuli waves are calculated in such a way that the beat frequency is set to 4-7Hz, prolonged exposure would cause the subject to brain-sync cortical theta rhythms. They would become drowsy, and in a hypnotic or meditative state.

So far, my words have done more to disprove any real paranormal correlation, and mock it as pure biological phenomenon caused by mere mentalist mind tricks.

This is where the discussion gets tricky. One has to already be operating under the supposition that medative practices

are of a personal spiritual nature. That the practices and experiences themselves are part of a deeper

consciousness, and are capable of being connected to conscious energy outside of our biological brain functions.

Can entrainment induce the same type of specific spiritual meditation desired by the many who practice it?

That question is solved by those who understand the purpose of intent.

Intent is the primary function of any occult working.

What is the intended function of the alchemical process?

What is the alchemical process? It differs drastically in practitioners of different cultures and beliefs.

The one thing they have in common is intent.

let us discuss some basic candle "magick" spell theoretics.

Were going to create a spell to get "One Million Youtube Views".

The intent.

The alchemical process will invole an eleborate series of steps, that focus intent on the target.

The operator will ritually concecrate a candle to represent them selves. Picking a color thier liking for the purpose,

Carving of words, symbols, speaking of words, anointing oils. This candle now ritually represents you, as the operator.

The target candle will involve the same type of processes to consecrate and name as "ONE MILLION YOUTUBE VIEWS".

There could be multiple other factors one would like to incorperate into thier target objective, but to keep it basic

we'll work off of a bianry scenario.

The two candles will be placed onto an alter, as the chess pieces are about to move. About as far apart from each other as they are thought to be in life.

Now, through ritualistic methods, chanting, concentrating, incantations, you will begin to move the energies symbollically

while physically moving one candle, either drawing in the target energy towards you, Or moving the representation of you towards the goal of achieving one million views on your Youtube video.

The thought process is pretty straight forward. If we already believe in some sort of magic, witchcraft, voodoo, etc..

We can clearly see how and why it's supposed to work. How? It's not the physical candle that did it, its not the flame.

The wax is not innately magic. It was the alchemical transmutation of all the work put in that manifested the intent.

Why is it supposed to work? well......it's "magic".

Psionics allows us to use the same type of alchemical process outlined above, to achieve the same type of intent based outcome. By using thought energy, that has been actively set in motion through electro-technological means.

Hence Radionics.

Those who are unfamiliar with radionics machines both in concept and design, may take one look and scoff at the idea. The early medical idea of radionics was based around the idea, that illnesses and sickness gives off frequencies like radio waves, the operator of the machine would then be able to tune in the frequency of said illness, and transmit an offset frequency to the patient, intended to counter act with the original frequency thus zeroing out each other out by means of phase cancellation.

For whatever reasons.... Mainstream medical science did not receive this theory well. After all, if a disease was emanating a radio frequency, it would have been easily detectable by even the most primitive radio systems.

Perhaps, "like radio waves" is too much of a facsimile, as the energy trying to be tuned and harnessed is outside of the electromagnetic spectrum. The power of consciousness, Thought, and emotion, can be detected and measured by EEG devices, but it is merely a resonant reflection of said idea. The brain does produce, measurable amplitudes of electronic

signal while thinking, but is this where conscious thought energy comes from?

Again, this is a skeptics argument based exclusively on the bio chemical functions of the brain.

For years I have witnessed researchers use instruments that detect differentials in the electromagnetic fields to prove the existence of paranormal activity. While this does not prove paranormal events cause disturbances in the electromagnetic spectrum, it allows us to correlate that in some instances, a disturbance is sometimes present while a supernatural event

is taking place.

The folly is in thinking ghosts, spirits, or anomalies are synonymously linked to the EM displacement itself, is the idea that ghosts are "made" out of energy in the electromagnetic spectrum.

An analogy to keep in mind.

If I were the invisible man pretending to be a "ghost", and I blew a prolonged, deep breath of air on the back or your neck.

Would you immediately assume that I was the air itself?

Possibly. This is an idea that I have seen perpetrated throughout the field.

In reality, the ghost was not the gust of air, but caused it's movement.

The same would apply when a paranormal event happens that coincides with temporal displacement of EMF fields.

Psychic energy and consciousness is not defined as being a construct of the electro-magnetic spectrum.

The amplitude of said thought energy could be measured in units of willpower, drive. and determination.

So far science has been unable to quantify this amplitude as a measurement within the EM spectrum.

So far, the best inception of a device that would allow us to measure psychic energy comes from the character

Dr. Egon, from the movie Ghostbusters. Far from reality. Egon's device detected P.K.E.

Psycho Kinetic Energy.

As psi can not be measured, Kinetic is the operative word. When psychic energy is moved, it implies the movement is taking place within our Three dimensional perspective of space time physics.

Perhaps at some point, if the movement left a signature wake in it's path, disruptions could be measured, and correlated.

A radionics machine made by Berkana Labs.

Modern explorations in radionics will yeild in a result of various designs and implementations of "wishing machines".

They genearally appear as rectangular boxes covered in knobs, switches, and various other electronic components.

The internal componenets are generally fragments of quartz crystals wrapped in coils of solid copper wire, orgone,

and various other designs thought to collect psychic energy.

Some of the electronic circuitry is is basic in nature, and show passive summing circuits from sections resembling

untuned radio coils. Some implemnt functioning aplification circuits to the percived tuning while others

contain a zero amount of functioning electronics theory.

The lack of functioning theory, in regards to electronic design is debatable on it's success. Is intention alone, enough to run the system? Perhaps a functioning circuit would increase the probability of it's operation if the operator understood

The exact electro-alchemical process.

A non-electrical paper radionics machine

Regardless, the idea behind the process remains in the same realm as with the basic candle magic spell.

Specific movements are made with the same type of intent involved. The actual processes are transmuted into the target manifestation, by the users own specific alchemical directions.

The input section of the machine acts like an antenna to the universe, picking up orgone, cosmic energy, or the innate energy of the target. The use of a witness plate serves an an interface to collect energy of a desired object or an idea, by placing a photograph or a representation physically into contact with the plate.

For example, coins for money, or a peice of personal belongings of the intended target.

The person using the machine tunes in the radio like psi waves by slowly turning a sequence of knobs, while employing the use of a stick plate. The stick plate is essentially a primitive capacitance touch plate that functions more like an ouija board than a modern electronic touch screen. The finger is slowly drug across the plate.

When the machine's controls are turned and begin to align in tuning with the witness objective,

the operator will sense a slight stick in their finger movement, thus indicating where the rotation of the control

needs to be stopped.

The machine thus being tuned to the various energies, can be directed towards the intent by the user in a similar alchemical fashion.

The idea seems absurd to most bystanders, but when viewed from an deeper level of occult understanding, the possibilities

are limitless.

How do psionics and radionics correlate to instrumental transcommunication?

Device function theory can elaborate on these connections.

A photograph of Bill O'Neil operating his Spiricom device

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